Chubb Protect

The first e-commerce platform for global business Chubb Fire & Security

The Brief:

To turn a labour intensive consultative sales process into a single self-serve e-commerce solution that handles 3 complex services: Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Safety Training, and Fire Extinguisher Servicing

The Challenge:

The current manual solution takes a long time to complete the contract sale and even longer to process and open the customer account. As this includes multiple site visits for a salesperson to secure the sale, the process is slow and has a very high resource cost.

The challenge was to codify this process, whilst keeping the input simple and intuitive for the customer. We had to deliver a digital version of a sales process that was often quite nuanced in its detail.

Key information was often subjective and surfaced through long and detailed conversations with sales staff. Examples of this detail were questions such as whether a location was high or low risk, or what is included in a particular tier of a service level. This needed to be codified into a clear set of questions that any customer could easily answer.

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Reduction in cost of contract generation

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Speed of contract processing

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Steer73, very professional, very fast and they keep us in check – keep us focused on answering the important issues at hand.

- Hayley Notarangelo, Chubb Protect Project Manager
  • Faster time to contract: we moved the business from having a 60 day + contract signing process, to contracts being created in as little as 11 clicks
  • Simpler customer-led pricing: we simplified a potentially confusing matrix of technical options to a single and simple quote for a customer, that was delivered from a set of simple and easy to answer questions
  • Lower cost-of-sale: we replaced the previous manual process that required multiple client visits by a trained salesperson, with a single visit to a self-serve ecommerce site, that the customer completes themselves
  • Quicker payment times: we introduced immediate online payment significantly reducing the overall contract process and back-office processing requirements

Brilliant product, it looks great and feels elegant it's simple, a real light touch solution but still a self-sufficient ordering process.

- Chubb Customer Feedback