How we work

The Steer73 process

We start by asking ‘what problem are you trying to solve’.

We have a proven approach to understanding a client's problems and designing technology solutions that enable them to transform their business.

The problem

What problem are you trying to solve? It’s not always obvious!

This phase isn’t about defining a solution but understanding what issues a solution would need to solve. By understanding the needs and problems of you and your organization, from all angles, we can evaluate multiple options and more importantly sculpt the best solution.

The context

What is the full impact of the problem? Who does it impact and how?

Technology doesn’t live in isolation – your business is a combination of people, process, problems, hurdles, targets, limitations, technology and YOU!

It’s filled with departments with different requirements, different constraints and potentially even different goals.

The customer

User Centred Design is at the heart of everything we do. We need to understand your customers needs as well as you do.

Often what you think your customer needs and what they really need can be different things, and we’ll do deep dives into your customers’ requirements. We’ll dig into the triggers and needs that must be satisfied to enable your customer to make that final step.

The vision

We will understand your business's goals and ambitions.

Technology adoption rarely happens in a vacuum, it’s generally part of a thought-out long-term vision, of where you and your company want to be in 2, 5, 10 years’ time. Steer73 will make sure your development is future proofed, and in line with your long-term goals.

The solution

We will propose a digital solution.

All our investigation will result in a proposed solution, budget and product proposal. This is discussed with you and iterated until you are happy that this solution meets all the deliverables of the project. You will be a key part of the process all the way along, from initial workshops to design and UX revisions: your knowledge and our experience will help shape the perfect digital solution for your company!

The implementation

Digital Transformation is rarely a single step. Each step has significant roll out, logistical plans and safeguards that need to put in place. Whilst is might not be simple, Steer73 can help each step be as fluid as possible with as little disruption to your day to day work as possible.

Whilst the technology might be disruptive, the adoption doesn’t need to be.

Working with Steer73

Client’s view point

Whilst we are happy to do one off projects, we more often become a long-term partner helping you develop your own technology advantage and long-term digital strategy.


  • Interviews – key stakeholders
  • Process mapping
  • Assumptions and goal setting
  • Design workshop
  • Solutions proposal


  • Weekly update calls
  • Monthly presentation of progress
  • Regular budget and cost reporting
  • Regular demo of progress

Roll Out

  • Training
  • Launch plan creation
  • Roll out
  • Adoption assistance
  • Support and service maintenance


  • Ongoing monitoring and optimization
  • Ongoing development
  • Continued iteration and development of digital strategy


Our clients range from some of the world's largest companies looking to transform their business to fast-growing SMEs creating competitive advantages through technology.


Our process is effective across different sectors and provides solutions to a range of problems.

Camile App
Complex ecommerce

Restaurant ordering platform

The take away market is evolving rapidly as the market is disrupted by new tech businesses. The client needed a platform that would provide a best-in-class digital experience to their customers and ensure a growth platform for the business. We designed and built a multi-channel solution that can scale.

View case study
Digital transformation

Creating an online sales model

The client needed to reduce their high cost of sale of fire safety services by moving from using a traditional field sales force to an online sales model. This involved not just the creation of an online platform but also significant operational changes to move the business to a digital model.

View case study
Camile App

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