To develop a bespoke food ordering platform to replace a 3rd party solution.

The challenge

The overall system needed to be comprised of multiple components: customer mobile apps, responsive web ordering platform, ePOS terminal software, detailed administrative controls over the platform, and a robust technical architecture to distribute orders. And it had to reflect their high end brand, all for a limited initial budget.

Steer73 needed to deliver a fluid UI and high end solution whilst incorporating multiple variables into each order. The user experience needed to feel uniform and seamless, but had to deal with real time changes to any parameters, including how the customer location would change the options that are surfaced at any time.

Variables included everything from handling real time changes to delivery time and out-of-stock options, to managing currency, territory and franchise requirements.

What we did

First we needed to understand the business - how the restaurants operated how HQ operated; not a single delivery experience but a complex blend of onsite dining, click and collection and delivery, for both  their own restaurants and franchisees.

As customer experience was crucial to success, we conducted UX research on how other food ordering apps in the market operated, and spoke with Camile customers about what they wanted.

As always while user experience was critical, the needs of the business also have to be met. We balanced these needs through a UI design system that allowed customers an easy and enjoyable ordering process, while providing the business the commercial flexibility required.

A clear competitive advantage

In the incredibly fast changing world of food delivery the new Camile platform represents a clear competitive advantage. It allows Camile a direct-to-customer relationship and the commercial tools required to operate in a market with increasingly strong delivery aggregators.

Commercial impact

  • Move to digitally-led growth: the new system gives Camile the ability to move to a digitally led business and represents a transition from reliance on third party providers and walk in or phone based orders
  • Closer control of customer relationships: Camile have improved the security of their business model by now owning the customer accounts rather than the account information being controlled by 3rd party providers
  • Increased promotional controls: the system gives Camile unprecedented control over voucher use that allows hour to hour control over voucher acceptance for each store, alongside collection delivery or in store redemption options
  • More customer insights: the new solution gives Camile access to data points they have never had before and in turn the first ability to use data to shape their growth. Voucher redemption and mobile user return rates being two examples

Steer73 have taken the time to understand our project in detail, and to design and build a best-in-class platform.

Brody Sweeney CEO, Camile

We have been working with Steer73 for about a year now: as our technology partners, we see our relationship growing over the years to come.

Brody Sweeney CEO, Camile

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