What we do

Steer73 are a Digital Transformation Agency. We work with a wide variety of clients to understand their needs, shape their product and to deliver the development work. In many cases we are the client’s in-house product, design and development team.

Our HQ is in London. We have offices in Kiev, Ukraine and Chennai, India, as well as a distributed team in various locations around the world.

The Steer73 culture

Steer73 is a small company and an important factor in our hiring is finding people who we can successfully work with. The company has more than tripled in size over the last couple of years, so while we remain small and dynamic, we are growing quickly. We have a flat management structure and we look for people who want to get things done, are comfortable making decisions, take ownership of their roles, and want to progress. Joining Steer73 offers you the opportunity to work on high-profile and meaningful projects for a wide range of clients and industries, as part of a company with cross sectoral expertise.


We are proactive in solving problems, and helping our clients. Our role is to identify the importance of issues they might face, and to proactively develop digital solutions.

Strong opinions, weakly held

We have strong opinions on how to solve problems, but remain open to the opinions and influence of others.

We take the time to listen, understand and debate solutions with each other at every opportunity to find the right solution.

Aligned and meritocratic team

We all share the same goal of delivering a great customer experience. 'Rank' has no place in finding the best solution, everyone has a voice and a responsibility to contribute to developing the best solution for our clients.


We value personal responsibility and take ownership of the work we do. We have a shared passion and the concept of owning a project or task enables us to bring out that passion.

Growth mindset

We value a growth mindset. Our employees can take calculated risks, and fail. Proposals are listened to, reviewed and given a platform for implementation. The team are pushed to grow and evolve their professional skill set.

Work life balance

We are family friendly and we take time to understand employee's personal needs. Policies like flexible work hours and remote working are in place to ensure that employees can establish the right work-life balance.

Meet some of the team

Emlyn Product manager
Benjamin UI designer
Alex Developer
Miruna UI designer
Alexey Developer
Renuka Quality analyst


The benefits of working for Steer73 comes from the range of projects you'll be exposed to, and the depth of analysis and work you will do to deliver those projects.

Greenfield projects
Cross-sector work
Learning culture
Global clients
Competitive salaries

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